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We help you to achieve your goal in cost saving and system automation
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Mobile Application

We build mobile application to help you to reach your customer and make your customer happy with your products and service

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E Commerce

Start selling your product and service with less cost. You do not need to take a shop, engage middleman or do not have to close your shop during night

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Web Site

We Design and Maintain your web site to ensure you reach your target audience round the clock

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Web Application

We will bring cloud based solutions so that you can save your CAPEX on IT Infrastructure

Dhakai Soft Multimedia Solutions Sdb Bhd

We help you to achieve cost savings and system automation

Dhakai Soft Multimedia Solutions Sdb Bhd is a IT company registered in Malaysia focusing to build digital contents. This includes Learning Management System, E-commerce Platform, Making Digital contents and making it available though all digital channels.